Services and Fees

Forward Exchange Fees (including 1 Sale & 1 Purchase) + wiring fees:

  • $800 for sales under 1 million
  • $1000 for sales under 2 million
  • $1,200  for sales between 2-4 million
  • Call for sales above 4 million

Additional Purchases for forward exchanges: $350

Reverse Exchange: $5,400 
Holding entity setup, and all related fees included

Construction/Improvement Exchange: $8,500
Includes up to 10 checks disbursed to vendors/contractors

Priority Placement Fee: $100.00
For Closings less than 48hrs. from receipt of Sell/Buy Worksheet

Foreign Exchanges: $2,800
Exchanges outside of the Untied States

Assignment Fee: $70
Advanced assignment preparation for earnest money deposits requested from 1031 funds

Wiring Fee: $30
Wire fees for incoming and outgoing 1031 funds

Consulting Fee: $200/hour

If you have any questions about our services and fees, please do not hesitate to contact us
(727) 581-7000