Experts in the Power of Strategy

Well-informed investors know that tax strategies are essential to their financial success. Investors may pay 20% – 25% of their capital gain in federal taxes, plus any state taxes. If an investor’s goal is to acquire other investment property, then exchanging is a strategy that merits attention.

Optional Replacement properties, through a recent Revenue Ruling, may now include TICs (Tenants in Common) . . . Management and Hassle free investments, such as a share of a Walgreen’s, Home Depot, or even Oil and Gas Royalties

At Keys Capital Inc., it is our goal to contribute to that financial success by providing a secure and reliable vehicle for saving tax dollars through the IRC 1031 Exchange. (We are members of the FEA, Federation of Exchange Accommodators). Our Company has earned a reputation for having a knowledgeable staff with over 20 years of experience in the “Qualified Intermediary” industry.

A 1031 Exchange must be carefully arranged giving consideration to all applicable rules within the IRS tax code. (Cost for a complete exchange is $800.00+ wiring fees)

Keys Capital Inc. plays an integral role in this process by providing investors and their legal, financial, and real estate advisors the level of assistance needed for a successful 1031 exchange.

We make it as easy as 1. 2. 3.

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