Expand your investments with 1031 exchanges

There has been a large increase in the number of tax-free exchanges. At our recent annual meeting of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators in Denver all the members reported a large increase in exchanges, especially compared to the years after the real estate bust. Many states have created laws for monitoring Qualified Intermediaries. Several states […]

Year-End Tax Strategies

Today’s e-mail brought a message from our 1031 industry organization, The Federation Of Exchange Accommodators. Mind Numbing “On November 21 the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) dropped their tax reform bombshell. Within in their report,  Staff Discussion Draft: Cost Recovery and Accounting, the like-kind exchange rules are repealed. Since this is a staff discussion draft, we […]

Experts in the Power of Strategy

Well-informed investors know that tax strategies are essential to their financial success. Investors may pay 20% – 25% of their capital gain in federal taxes, plus any state taxes. If an investor’s goal is to acquire other investment property, then exchanging is a strategy that merits attention. Optional Replacement properties, through a recent Revenue Ruling, […]

Warning: 1031 tax-free exchanges

There is a new law in California,Washington, Colorado and several other states requiring a Qualified Trust or a Qualified Escrow. Recently a client/friend called and asked if I would intervene in a problem exchange. The exchange had been started and when the taxpayer inquired about his funds they were not with the intermediary, they had been sent to […]